You’ll be pleased to hear that for our year 5 & 6 extra PE we only stayed outside until 10:30, then had a playtime with ice lollies and are now all back in the cool. We had a lovely time and managed to get quite a few races in – here are some photos:



Ice lolly sales went well! There will be more on sale after school if you’d like to buy any,

Miss Richardson



Very proud of all of these children!

Lily Coleman was awarded a ‘Sporting hero’ award last night at the Ashton Sport’s Partnership Awards at Ashton Park last night – Lily was nominated for a year of really hard work with behaviour and perseverance with sports. She has represented the school more than any other child this year and has done so excellently. Well done Lily!

Also, yesterday our associate governors from all three Bristol academies met to conclude their hard work across the year before moving on to secondary school. It was a fun day of celebration and the local press attended to find out more about the work they have done to improve teaching and learning. Pictured below is Emma with two ambassadors from Ilminster Avenue and St Ursula’s.


Watch this space for many more proud moments this week as we celebrate a really successful year!

Miss Richardson


Heatwave weather – be prepared

Tomorrow we are due to experience the hottest day of the year so far with the temperature predictor reach 31 degrees!

As lovely as this sounds we all need to be really really careful with children in the heat. At school we will make sure every child has access to water and shade at playtimes.

Please make sure you pack them off in the morning with sun protection (cream) on,  a cold drink if they don’t like water, and a hat.

We will be selling ice lollies to key stage two and key stage one (years 1-6) in the morning at tuckshop to help us to stay cool at playtime.

If your child is particularly susceptible to heat or sun and you feel special exceptions need to be made for them please make sure you tell your child’s  class teacher.

Let’s have a safe heatwave and enjoy it while it lasts!

Miss Richardson

Year six activities

A number of parents came to ask tonight about plans for next week-do apologise if you have mixed messages or no messages about these things,  here is all the info you should need about the two events that parents are welcome to attend:

Prom: Thursday 5:00-6:30

Theme as voted for by the children is a celebrity theme, you can of course interpret that as you wish but I do know many children are planning on wearing traditional dresses and suits. 

The children also voted for buffet style food and a bbq. We will arrange the bbq and a letter will come out tomorrow about the buffet food and other ways you can help. 

We will have a ‘red carpet’ running from the bottom pedestrian gate up the ramp to the main building where ‘paparazzi’  (staff with our new SLR cameras!) will be able to take photos of children (and parents if you wish!) , as they enter prom. Parents will then leave and the children will then be able to enjoy a DJ in the hall and food in the dining hall like last year. This will finish at 6:30 and you will need to collect your children at this time. 

Leavers’ assembly: 10am Friday 22nd July. 

All parents and carers welcome. We will have a traditional Leaver’s service and the children will be given Leaver’s gifts and graduation certificates-  bring your tissues!

Please note we will not be able to film the ceremony for safeguarding reasons. 

There will also be the usual opportunities for shirt signing, goodbyes, 100% attendance rewards and winning house celebrations so it will be a jam packed week. 
We will also be having a sporting event for years five and six as year six will be missing out on our new house system launch in September. This will be weather dependant and also dependent on our track being painted on time,  we will let the children know when we are able to do it next week,  cross your fingers for good weather for us.   

If it is likely your child will be missing out on any activities due to be behaviour you will receive a phone call from myself or Mr Tooth detailing why. This will be down to choices they make and have made between now and next week,  we are going they make the right ones and that the events are exciting enough for them to want to behave for them.   

Any qs please do ask in the morning,

Miss Richardson 

New lunch menu for September

I’m pleased to tell you that we have a new provider and a new menu launching.

It is below. We really excited about working with Aspens as they promote children cooking their own food and are happy to help us with growing vegetables baking and cooking dinners ourselves.

Here is out webpage on their site:

Positive changes:

  • The children will be able to select ‘packed lunches’ as an option for a school dinner – so they can grab it and sit straight down. There will be a new wrist band for this option.
  • Exciting theme days linked to our topics- you will be alerted when these are happening and what choices children will have.
  • The salad bar will be more varied and children will select it themselves using their own tools – rather than adults doing it for them and limiting their choice of types of salad.
  • We are setting up ways to pay online for meals.

Here is the menu – you will also have a copy in your child’s bookbag.


I’m sad I wont be here – it looks delicious – especially the carb day!

Miss Richardson


Class News!

Here it is! Our children meet their new teachers today – here is the list so you know who they have, and what their new class names are (current class in brackets next to new teacher’s name)

Please do come and say hello to your child’s new class teacher at the fair this week .

It starts at 2:00 on Thursday, see you there!

Miss Richardson

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