Whole site evacuation drill

Dear parents

This week or next we will be having a whole site evacuation practise – this is what we would do in the event of a major incident where we needed to all leave site in order to be safe – for example, a gas leak. This is due to happen today: On Monday at 2pm, but this may change depending on weather.

We will all be walking to the Mead Centre in class order, taking registers and then simply walking back. A tight risk assessment has been put in place to ensure that children are safe whilst doing this, and we will man our own ‘crossing patrol’ for this time.

Children with special needs have been allocated key adults to walk with and children who have difficulty walking will be moved at a sensible and comfortable pace.

Just making you aware in case you see us all taking s walk and wonder why – there is no need to be alarmed, this is simply something we do practise keeping our children and staff safe,

Miss Richardson