Art club ruining my beautiful floor!

‘Whhhaaaaaaaaattttttt?!’ I screeched as I visited the art studio tonight….

Paint and painted body parts everywhere!

Fortunately – I had no need to panic, it’s all been done on paper, phew!

Art club really enjoyed creating their night sky scene as part of art and creativity week at Greenfield, we are looking forward to seeing it displayed so you can enjoy it too!

Miss Richardson



E-ACT maths day in year 3

Today our year 3 children from all three Bristol EACT schools (St Ursula’s, Ilminster Avenue and Greenfield) got together at Greenfield for a maths challenge morning!

There were all sorts of problems to solve and lots of practical maths activities – including some tasty baking!

At the end we had a cake sale and totalled the earnings to £24 which the children will decide how they spend.

A great day of fun and fab learning – thank you for coming!

Miss Richardson


Strike action at Greenfield

Dear Parents/Carers,

Strike Action by Members of the National Union of Teachers – Tuesday 5 July


I am writing to inform you about strike action that is being taken by members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) on 5 July and to advise you about arrangements for the school on that day.

What does this mean for our school?

Some of the teachers in our school who are members of the NUT will be on strike on 5 July and on subsequent dates in the autumn term if the dispute is not resolved by then.

How will this affect my children?

As head teacher, I am responsible, in consultation with the chair of governors, for deciding what will happen in our school on the day of the strike. My decision has been informed by the risk assessment that I have carried out to determine the impact of the strike on the health and safety of pupils and staff.  The decision I have made is that

  • I will keep the school open as normal for all pupils EXCEPT those in Early Years (both Reception classes and nursery)
  • Siblings WILL BE EXPECTED to attend as normal on that day in years 1-6.

I appreciate that closing this area of the school will cause inconvenience for families and it is not a decision that I have taken lightly. I can assure you that in forming my decision I have taken into account the well-being of all pupils and their families and school staff.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Richardson

Head Teacher

The Mayor Visits…

Today we have had a very special visitor, Marvin Rees. Mr Rees spent part of his every busy morning at Greenfield to see the wonderful work that years 1 and 2 have been doing in creating a fantastic outdoor learning area – including a bug hotel, allotment and our favourite part – the chickens!

To make all of this possible the children were set a challenge – they were each given £5 and had to use that £5 to invest in their own mini enterprise topics to raise money and (hopefully) return a healthy profit.

Whilst with us Mr Rees pulled names out of a hat that the children had suggested to choose what they should be called. I am pleased to tell you that they are now named Rosie and Sam (two girls) and the rooster is called Louie!
We are so proud of all the children have achieved this term by working hard on the Virgin £5 challenge to turn their £5 into much more and cant wait to show you are bags, pots and pizzas later at our Garden Party! See you there at 2:30,

Miss Richardson



Crossing update

Dear parents,

today I met with a lady from the council who informed me that it is unlikely they will be able to staff our fourth crossing until September. We are still awaiting their action on our zebra crossing too – and they are aware of our need for good crossing patrols and insisted that they will do all they can to continue to keep the crossing areas safe. I am just making you aware so that you can continue to ensure your children are safe by asking them to walk to the next available crossing or cross with them please.

Miss Richardsion


Some very sad news

Dear parents,

at the weekend we received the very sad news that one of our longest standing members of staff, Jackie Hopkins, has sadly passed away.

We are sending flowers on behalf of the community to the family and children are encouraged to make cards if they would like to.

I have been in touch with the council who are sorting some cover for the position but it is unlikely this will be resolved by tomorrow, so please do make sure that you escort children to school safely or encourage them to go to the next patrol point to cross safely.

Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time,

Miss Richardson