Attendance superstars!

We have recently changed our attendance policy meaning that every child who improves their attendance has a chance to get rewarded – not just those with 100% or 98%.

Every week children hear what their attendance is and what band they are in – if they have gone up from the previous week their name goes onto a raffle ticket and put in the class box.

Once a term we celebrate this by pulling out names and giving out reward vouchers.

These children have improved their attendance this term and were lucky enough to be pulled from their class reward boxes – they each won a £10 Tesco voucher – congratulations to them!

(There are more but we are so busy at greenfield that some classes were swimming or playing the ukelele or learning outdoors at the time – look out in your child’s bookbag for a special treat!)

Finally, a reminder that tomorrow is BIG MATHS DAY – another brilliant reason to come to school!

Miss Richardson