Wow Congo!!

Dear parents

I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for your support in future draining for our Congo event. The current total is just over £3000 which I’m told is one of the highest totals we have ever ever EVER raised for a sponsored event!

Before the event we promised you that this would be spent on things for your children, and that the children would choose what to spend it on.

Some parents and children have been requesting extra scooter storage and I’m pleased to tell you this is being installed in May half term-the school budget is paying for this as we believe it is a health and safety issue.

One extra thing they are keen to purchase for the playground is a buddy bench. This is a bench that children can sit on if they feel sad or lonely, and our playground buddies and adults outside will know this means they want a friend to play with and can then help them out. We thought it would be good to combine this with a memorial to Jane Riley and so the bench will serve two purposes. The children of School Council will meet with a wood carver and begin designing it this term. This will take approx £1000 of the money and anything over this the school budget will pay for.

The rest of the money we are unsure what to do with yet, so we are asking the children as part of our pupil survey for their ideas. Every child completes one of these so everyone will be listened to.

Here are some of the initial bench design ideas and ideas from our carver’s website:






I will keep you posted on bench designs and outcomes of the survey. If you have any questions then of course please ask,

Miss Richardson