Big maths day

Today at Greenfield it is a ‘BIG MATHS DAY’.

This means we have been learning in different classrooms with different teachers all about ‘reasoning’ – explaining how maths works and how you solve problems. There is an example of a reasoning question on the board below – see if you can have a go!

We started the day with an assembly where we celebrated the competition winners – they each then had a treat from Miss Robbins at playtime – congratulations to them all.

A lovely end to term here and great focus on learning all around the school.

Have a great half term break and see you on Monday 6th June

Miss Richardson

Attendance superstars!

We have recently changed our attendance policy meaning that every child who improves their attendance has a chance to get rewarded – not just those with 100% or 98%.

Every week children hear what their attendance is and what band they are in – if they have gone up from the previous week their name goes onto a raffle ticket and put in the class box.

Once a term we celebrate this by pulling out names and giving out reward vouchers.

These children have improved their attendance this term and were lucky enough to be pulled from their class reward boxes – they each won a £10 Tesco voucher – congratulations to them!

(There are more but we are so busy at greenfield that some classes were swimming or playing the ukelele or learning outdoors at the time – look out in your child’s bookbag for a special treat!)

Finally, a reminder that tomorrow is BIG MATHS DAY – another brilliant reason to come to school!

Miss Richardson


Year 6 preparing for their cake sale today!

As ever our entrepreneurial year 6 team are hoping to raise everything need for their celebrity themed end of year prom themselves!

They worked hard in maths and ICT to cost out and plan ingredients yesterday and- if all goes to plan -we will have rainbow cake, muffins, rocky road (mmmmm) and chocolate sponges for sale after school today.

Please bring your pennies and support them buy buying a treat!





Brave Rihanna

Rihanna in year 5 is doing something super brave at our Summer fair (14th July)

Rihanna is having her hair cut by 7 inches to raise money for The Little Princess Trust – which provides real hair wigs free of charge to children suffering from hair loss.

So far she has done a brilliant job of fundraising and if you would like to help her please go to the office and write on one of her sponsorship forms.

Let’s support her in her attempt to make a real difference to others not as fortunate as herself – well done Rihanna we are really proud of you!

Miss Richardson







RESpect sharing assembly

Today we got together and shared our learning on Judaism.

Each year group was given a different question to research and today they shared their findings – this meant that even though we didn’t all have lessons on the six question topics – we still all learned something new in our assembly.