Influenza advice

Dear parents,

we have had some staff off work sick recently (more staff than children yesterday!) and just wanted to tell you about what we are doing to fight the recent outbreak of a flu-like virus.

There have also been some extreme reports in the media that swine flu has struct the city. Just to reassure you – it is now widely accepted that swine flu is a strain of the flu virus – and not necessarily a cause for panic.

Here is some advice about how to combat flu and what symptoms to look for: and

Across the school and within classrooms we are having a deep clean and encouraging children to wash hands and regularly washing water bottles using our new glass cleaner.

If you have any concerns about whether your child is well enough to attend school – we leave this largely to your discretion as to whether they have stopped being sick and are well enough to attend. If you need any advice then please just call the school or speak to myself of Trina in the playground,

Miss Richardson