Crossing update-good news!

Many of you will be aware of the dangers of Novers Lane and the chaos that our children face when crossing the road at the start of the school day. In the past twelve months two children have been hit by cars despite the best and excellent efforts of our four lollipop staff. School council raised this with me after the second accident in which a child was hurt. It has been something we have been asking for for a while, but never before have we got very far…

Last night I attended the local council meeting on behalf of our school council to request a crossing outside our school. I took along some posters the children made (see previous post) and a well written letter put together by Katie Ann and Summer. 

Drum roll please…..the local council have not only agreed to make the crossing a priority, but have also agreed to find funding! They have already done a site visit so know the scheme is viable, and have secured two thirds of the funding already.
This is great news for our community! Now the scheme has official approval their next job is to find the final third funding.

Parents and careers attended the meeting and were supportive of our efforts, thank you to those who came. 

I will keep you posted on future developments, but for now, well done school council! 

Perseverance (one of our core values) really does pay, and having spent a day in London learning about democracy it it great to know that we do have a voice that is heard. 

Miss Richardson