Tai Chi

Culture Club enjoyed a session of Tai Chi last night at after school club – we are really enjoying seeing them having fun and learning about different cultures. Here are a few pictures of the session:


A Wonderful Wednesday

Some amazing work has been bought to me today, and we’ve turned a negative (bad weather) into a positive (fun indoor playtime on the computers) by making a conscious decision to enjoy ourselves! Sometimes – you just have to decide to be in a good mood – whatever the day throws at you.

Happy Wednesday!

Miss Richardson













News: Our Ofsted report

Dear Parents and carers,

As some of you will know we had a visit just before Christmas from Ofsted. The report was recently released (and is on our website here) and we are writing to share the news that our school has been judged as a good school, with many strengths and improvements having been maintained and built upon since the last report in 2012. We are really pleased that the progress the school has made since my appointment in 2011 have been fully recognised.

Some key points highlighted in the report are:

-Improvements in that way that we have taught maths and writing over the past three years – which have lead to our progress doubling the National Average last summer at the end of key stage 2. The % of children attaining the higher levels in reading, writing and mathematics combined was approximately twice the national average.

-The calm and purposeful feeling of the school and the relentless focus on getting the best for your children.

-Our rich and exciting curriculum – wow days, entrepreneur opportunities and exciting trips and visits and the extent to which the children have a say in and direct their own learning.

As with any report there are some things that we need to continue to work on, and we are looking forward to challenging ourselves further and continuing to ensure we provide the best for your children. The main area for improvement is around attendance of pupils where we have had made clear to us that anything other than strong improvement is not an option.

I am also writing to let you know that as a part of our success, and a re-structure of our academy chain sponsor E-ACT, I will no longer be Greenfield’s Executive Principal. I have a new job title of Regional Director for Education for the South West and although I will still be largely based on site at Greenfield, I will have less direct contact with the community as our academy chain grows.

I am confident that the academy is improving at a strong rate and has the team in place to ensure this continues in the future.

A copy of our Ofsted report can be found on our website and also on Miss Richardson’s blog. If you have any questions about our report  and or would like to talk to one of us then please don’t hesitate to catch us in the playground – or find us at the coffee morning on Wednesday 27th in the art studio,

Yours faithfully

Mr S Luke

Regional Director of Education

Greenfield Mechanics!

This morning some of our year 5 children went up to Knowle-DGE to take part in mastering mechanics sessions. They took apart an engine and had a thoroughly good time learning about the parts of vehicles.

They will be visiting twice more and using the visit as inspiration for their writing. Here are some photos of the mechanics crew:


Coffee Morning: next week

  • Want to help out in school?

    Want some experience to put on your CV to help with applying for jobs?

    Want to volunteer as a reader or help with our tuckshops for some experience to put on your CV?                                                                 download


    Come along to our:

    Parents’ Coffee Morning

    Wednesday 27th January 9:00 onwards in the art studio

Fun fab learning at work and at play!

Today has been a busy day of learning and playing at Greenfield.

We’ve been….


  • Measuring and super maths learning in reception
  • Having recorder lessons
  • Enjoying our yummy healthy tuckshops (which the children LOVE)
  • Leanring about division using chocolate
  • Completing mathletics challenges on the iPads
  • Den and swing building in the KS2 playground!

Here are some pictures: