Christmas Productions

Dear parents,

I cannot apologise enough for the confusion over tickets and any unsympathetic responses you have had to your pleas for additional tickets.

This is what we have done:

-Spoken to fire safety experts today and increased the number of tickets per performance from 70 to 100. 80 seated and 20 standing.

-Raised the number of tickets to ONE PER CHILD (NOT ONE PER FAMILY)
so if you have two children in key stage two, you can have two tickets. We will issue the last of these tonight after school.

On Monday morning from 8:00 you will be able to buy spare tickets in a first come first served basis.

We are confidential that this will ensure that separated families can have both parents attend, and limit any upset for children.

Thank you for bearing with us and apologies again for any miscommunication.

On a positive note the rehearsals have been fantastic and the children are really enjoying performing!

See you at the shows, if not before,

Miss Richardson

See you at the shows!

Spoken to the front office who will be issuing any