Our Reading Den- we need your help!


The children had an assembly on this today.

I don’t feel I need to say much more than that-great Job Summer D and Katie-Ann!

Just in case you can’t see the video-this is what we want in our playground:



School council looked at lots of designs and decided it must:

Have a roof to keep books dry
Have cushions and a big reading chair
Have a whiteboard so we can use it is an outdoor classroom
Have windows and walls (not be fully open)
Have an area outside to play around in.
Have enough room for 30 children (a class)


Here we are looking at designs.

The problem is….we don’t have enough money for the outdoor part or the chairs. FROGs have agreed to help us out but this for work WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please help us make this a success for the children by bringing in and making or buying cakes on 2nd December.


Please help us to make this the biggest cake sale ever!

We would love to have this built by Christmas and open it at our Carol Concert on the last day of term.

Let’s get baking!

Miss Richardson