Lots of parents asking about fancy dress for Children in Need. I know I sent some newsletters out about this and blog texts but just to confirm, you don’t need to wear fancy dress this week as our chosen charity this term is ‘Save the Children’ we will be wearing Christmas Jumper and splitting the proceeds between the charity and FROGS on Friday 18th December.

If you would like to donate to Children in Need then by all means do so and we are happy to collect your donations in the office and send them off for you.

What are FROGs fundraising for?


Well, we are hoping to have a reading den built. This is something school council have asked for and are designing. We’d like to start and get it built ASAP and a donation from FROGS is necessary to make this happen quickly!

So, if you’re feeling like you want to help and be generous, please support us and the children by bringing in some cakes on 2nd December.

Thank you everyone!

Finally, today we observed the Remembrance silence to remember those who gave their lives in both World Wars and other conflicts. We had early playtime so that the whole school was quiet for the whole time. It was a bit weird having silence everywhere but I was really impressed by how thoughtful the children were in reflecting on the reasons we need to remember.

Well done to them for showing respect, one of our values, so well.