Grapes, nuts and food allergies


I’m sure many of you have about this sad story as its been all over the news and Facebook- a boy who choked on a grape and is now in a coma.

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Fortunately this worry is easily solved- please cut grapes in half if you put them in your child’s packed lunch box if they are under 8- after that age, they should be able to swallow them while and for them not to get stuck.

We will be cutting them up at tuckshop and in school from now on.
Nut awareness

Just to be clear-we are not banning nuts from school. We couldn’t do it! Nuts are a healthy source of essential fats and give great energy, they also appear in thousands of food products your children like to eat every day -and we don’t want to stop them from enjoying their tuck and snacks. Also, nut allergies are relatively rare-but allergies to milk, eggs, fish, soy etc are on the increase-and we can’t ban everything on the list!

What we are asking is that you are nut aware. We will be having a nut free lunch table for children who can’t eat nuts, who will sit with their friends to eat nut free lunches. The aim is for no one with a nutty lunch to sit there, for this to work your children must be aware of what they are eating-which involves us and you working together to talk to them about what they are eating. Please not this only applies if they bringing packed lunch or snacks-our school dinners are nut free.

We will be working hard to ensure that from now on we are extra-cautious when ordering food, cooking at school and giving out food that has been bought in- looking out for ingredients that may cause allergies and putting policies in place to make sure we are as sure as we can be that your children are safe.

I’m sure you’re thinking ‘hasn’t she got better things to do than tell us how to pack kid’s lunches?’ And the answer is YES I probably have!

BUT we don’t have better things to do than keeping our children safe, it is our number one priority.

Thank you for your support with this,

Miss Richardson