Attendance is on the up!

This is the absolute best piece of news that Trina has heard for a very very long time – our attendance is finally on the up! It’s not quite perfect yet – but we are getting closer.

So, I just wanted to say ‘Well done!’

Well done for bringing them in when they have a bad start, well done for nagging them to get up,  well done for NOT taking them on holiday in term time – we appreciate it and so will your children – though perhaps not just yet, but definitely when they are older and have great choices in life because of the time they spent in school.


Why do we want it to stay up?

We want Greenfield to be the best school it can be for you and your children. We want you to be proud to come to our school and for it be highly thought of by everyone.

Our children and families are fantastic.

Our teaching is brilliant.

Our children do well and excel with us when they are here – and beyond!

We don’t want you to miss a minute of irresistible learning- which will lead to better choices in the future for all of our children. 

Next week we will be announcing our 98% winners, but instead of giving away one £50 voucher, we’ve decided to give away 5 lots of £10 instead – 5 times the winners!


Also, all 100% children will be rewarded with a special out of class treat…we’re excited to let your children know about this next week, it’s all booked – so don’t miss out before then by missing a day!


For now, well done and keep it up please!

Miss Richardson