We’re pirates we ARRRRRRRRRE!

P1010116 P1010118 P1010119 P1010120 P1010122 P1010125 P1010127 P1010128 P1010130 P1010131 P1010132 P1010133 P1010134 P1010136Some piccies from year 1’s trip today – more to come as soon as we have downloaded them! What an inspiring way to learn about geography (and how to scrub a deck clean!)

Thanks to all those who helped us to go, enjoy the photos,

Miss Richardson

IMG_0179 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0191 IMG_0202 IMG_0207 IMG_0212 IMG_0216 IMG_0239 IMG_0242 IMG_0247 IMG_0252 IMG_0265 IMG_0271 IMG_0276 IMG_0284 IMG_0288 IMG_0292 IMG_0294 IMG_0297 IMG_0305