Much smoother start today!

Thanks for your support this morning while we tried out a new system for coming in when it’s wet.

The new art studio door has been blocked up which means we can’t walk out through the school now, so the one entrance to the hall gets extra busy.

What will happen now on wet days?

We will continue to take children’s into the hall until the bell goes, after this we will ask you to go through the main KS1 entrance and drop your children there, where they will walk to their classroom.

Teachers will then take all children already in the hall to classrooms.

What can you do to help?

Quickly drop them off

Unless essential, please don’t come into the hall as this blocks the entrance and it can be hard for staff to keep an eye on what adults are where-to keep children safe we have to know who is around all of our children at all times. Your help with dropping off your children quickly is much appreciated. If you’re worried about them you can always quickly ask us to keep an eye on them and we will do that-I did it for three parents today!

Please use the main KS1 door after the bell
Unless your children are in reception, you can use the main KS1 doors after the bell has gone.

Trust us
Getting 400 children into school safely is a difficult task when we can’t use the playground, but keeping them safe is the most important thing we do. Please follow our instructions and respect the safe way that we are trying to make sure that your children have the best possible start to their learning.

Thank you all for your support with this, today was much smoother-onwards and upwards!

Have a great day, we just had an assembly on school council and are all starting maths right now. Faith is excited!


Miss Richardson