Welcome back! What’s changed?

Hello and welcome back from us all after what I hope has been a
fun filled holiday for you all.

So many things have happened since you’ve been away, and we can’t wait to share with them all with you.

This is all part of our drive to make Greenfield the best place for your children to learn and be happy.

The biggest exciting changes that you will notice are the newly renovated Art Studio and our new canopies that stretch across years one and two. I thought I’d tell you a bit about them so you know why we have changed the building…

Art Studio
Designed by children, who told me when I first started at Greenfield that they wanted to do more art and design. They also wanted a space where you could relax while you wait to see them or us, hence the sofas and TV!

KS1 Canopies- we know that outdoor learning works! It’s exciting, messy, fun and allows children to be creative in a way that sitting at desks all day just doesn’t allow.

Learning outdoors is something we have been developing over the last few years, and the canopies were the next stage in this process.

Also, you might already have had children who have been taught forest school lessons, and this year we have two more staff -Mrs Milward and Miss Allen, who are going to be leading on this and taking more groups across the school. Some of these lessons will be under the canopies.

Our next phase will be to have an outdoor classroom built-more on this coming soon!

iPads and Laptops
We’ve ordered 60 more iPads and 45 more laptops this year, doubling our current numbers. We will be using them throughout the day to teach all subjects, not just ICT. We will have maths lessons on them, read books on them and be taking many photos with them for our workbooks.

What else has changed?
The library has been renovated and updated, the student kitchen will now be in full use, we have purchased more instruments for music teaching and we’ve had a good tidy up and sort out.

If you have any questions about the works, or would like a mini tour of new facilities, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday, can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend,

Miss Richardson