Healthy Schools Week at Greenfield

What a healthy week we’ve had!

We’ve had smoothies made by pedal power, vegetable people made in the playground, a water assembly with free water bottles and children making and extra special effort to eat healthily and walk to school – well done Greenfield!

Here are some pictures of our fun healthy enjoyment:

IMG_6540 IMG_6541 IMG_6542 IMG_6543 IMG_6544 IMG_6545 IMG_6548 IMG_6549 IMG_6550 IMG_6552 IMG_6553 IMG_6554 IMG_6555 IMG_6561 IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6565 IMG_6566 IMG_6567 IMG_6568 IMG_6569 IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6573 IMG_6574 IMG_6575 IMG_6589 IMG_6590 IMG_6591 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6594 IMG_6596 IMG_6597 IMG_6598