Greenfield’s got MORE Talent!


So much talent on offer at this years’ show, an empty stage awaits and so far 43 acts have signed up!

Many of you have asked questions about it and so here are some answers:

What time?
Friday morning from 9:00 onwards.

What clothes?
I have been round to every class and told all children that if they want to wear fancy clothes or a special outfit for their performance they can bring this in in a bag and change after registration.

Can we come?
I’m so sorry we can’t invite parents in to watch but we just can’t squeeze the whole school plus parents in! Don’t worry though, I will post lots of pictures of the acts on my blog so you don’t feel you’ve missed out!

Here is a sneaky preview of the Dance Troupe in practice:


Any more questions just ask.

Fingers crossed for a super sporty day tomorrow,

Miss Richardson.