SATS aren’t everything, BUT…they did do very very well!


Dear parents,

On the internet and Facebook recently I have seen lots of anti-testing posts and parents worried about the wellbeing of their children having been out through the end of year 2 and end of year 6 SATs tests. Many of these posts talk about stressed children and anxious parents and how children shouldn’t have to spend the last year of primary school stressed out about SATS.  Let me assure you – I agree!

Providing a quality and fun education and a life long love of learning in a safe environment is my top priority. However, part of being a good school leader is balancing this belief against what is necessary and important for our children as they move on up to secondary school and into the wider world of work.

I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if we didn’t prepare them well for what is ahead, and I’m thrilled to say that this year I feel we’ve got that balance right. As well as working hard for SATS, our children have been on trips, learnt about the Victorians and lift post-war, visited secondary schools, had careers talks, been on camp, planned and organised and fundraised for their own prom, written an evaluation of our school as part of the associate director’s program and taken part in am amazing end of year production – and this list is just the shortlist!


I’m thrilled to say that in addition to all these fun things – they are also secondary school ready and have made fantastic progress academically throughout their time at Greenfield. The below chart shows the progress your children have made since year 2 – against all other children nationally. I hope this shows you what a good job your childrens’ teachers are doing of getting them to where they need to be in order to excel in their futures, whatever they choose to do!

Measure of success Greenfield children All children Nationally
% of children getting level 4 in all three subjects 77 79
% of children getting level 5 in all three subjects 49 24
% of children making expected progress in reading 91 91
% of children making expected progress in writing 100 93
% of children making expected progress in maths 97 90
% of children making better than expected progress in reading 49 35
% of children making better than expected progress in writing 83 33
% of children making better than expected progress in maths 60 35

Please note that your children have done the same or better than all children nationally on every progress measure, showing what a difference our school makes.

Well done Year 6, well done teachers, and well done you for supporting them through it. Now for a week of celebrations and funtimes as we prepare to say goodbye and good luck to them all,

See you tomorrow,

Miss Richardson