Clearing up rumours about a man on site…

I am pleased that a parent bought this to our attention today – thank you!

On Friday a lunchtime supervisor thought she saw a man in the bushes.

To safeguard children, we moved them up the field while we investigated.

No man was found – we actually think it was someone doing their gardening who had been mistaken for being on school property because the bushes are high.

To stop any more worries we are:

-trimming the bushes back in the fields so we can see clearly where garden boundaries are!

-talking to the children tomorrow to reassure them no one was fund (we have heard they were worried)

Can I just reassure you that if anyone was seen on school site – we would have told you and we would have told you what we had done about it.

Thank you again for bringing this to my attention- please rest assured that the safety of your children is my NUMBER ONE priority.

Miss Richardson