Fun at the Fayre! A few piccies

IMG_20150703_151524 IMG_20150703_151553 IMG_20150703_151649 IMG_20150703_151701 IMG_20150703_151703 IMG_20150703_151704 IMG_20150703_151747 IMG_20150703_151804 IMG_20150703_151812 IMG_20150703_151832 IMG_20150703_151844 IMG_20150703_151851 IMG_20150703_151937 IMG_20150703_151944 IMG_20150703_152005 IMG_20150703_153636 IMG_20150703_153638 IMG_20150703_154430 IMG_20150703_154434 IMG_20150703_163953

I love Sally’s ‘post Fayre’ face!

Amazing effort from the frogs and all of our helpers – THANK YOU  for such a fun afternoon!

Excellently organised and fun had by all. Great that we can have such a good time AND raise money for the children. We will publish the total as soon as we can next week…for now I think we deserve a restful weekend 🙂

Have a lovely sunny one everyone,

Miss Richardson