Parents’ Week

Hi all,

Next week at Greenfield is Parents’ week, so please make sure you get in there early and bag a slot that suits you.

The purpose of this meeting is to share your child’s learning journey with you across the year.

You may have heard from your children that this year they have written their OWN reports-and I’m pleased to share with you a bit about why we have chosen to do this.

There are three reasons:
1. Research and my experience tells me that if children have a say in their learning they are more engaged with it. Your children have brilliant ideas about how to make Greenfield a better space for learning (perhaps the best ideas-look at the playground design!)

2. To be able to have a say children must know how they are doing and most importantly how they are going to best learn more next year. They are best placed to tell us (and you) about this.

3. They want you to come in more to school, and we felt that one good way of doing this would be for them to present their year of learning to you.

Of course -teachers have also written their usual comments, compliments and suggestions for next steps- but the stars of this year’s


meetings will be your children. So make sure you bring your child along, and prepare to be impressed!

Having spent my evenings reading and signing 400 reports, I can tell you- you are in for a treat. I hope you enjoy reading them all as much as I have.

I will be about every night next week to talk through our new assessment systems for 2016, and any transition worries and queries you have about reports, next year or anything else that you’d like to share or discuss.

See you at the Fayre tomorrow, 2:30-4:30,

Miss Richardson