FREE HUDL! Thursday detective online meeting

Dear parents,

today our teachers have spent the day learning all about your children in order to plan successfully for their move up this week.

On THURSDAY @ 9:00 in the hall there is a very important event happening here at Greenfield. Many of you have asked to speak to us this year about your children on Facebook, comments over Xbox live and your children seeing pictures or images on the internet which you are worried about. This can be really difficult for parents because we want our children to use the internet and go online, but we worry about how they can do it safely when there are people out there that they are talking to that we don’t know, or have ever met.

On Thursday we have a CEOPs MET police detective coming to talk to us. He has worked with very high profile paedophile rings and can tell us everything we need to know about how to keep our children cyber safe – without banning them completely!

We have a Hudl raffle and every parent that attends will be entered into the draw to win it – this is really good info and it is only an hour of your time that will help us all keep our children safe.

Hope to see you there!

Miss Richardson