Happy Friday!

Today we’ve had…extra play on the trim trail (a reward for healthy eating at lunchtime), a cinema reward trip for those who managed 100% last term, some very positive learning review meetings with year 5 parents and a fun filled lunchtime on the sunny school field!

I bet you’re wondering with all that fun going on how we’ve managed to squeeze in our learning – but do not fear – we have! Here are some examples of some wonderful writing that I’ve received today – from Katie Ann and Perfect in year 5. I’ve also had some brilliant work shown to me by year 1 children who are learning to write using finger spaces, and some super spelling scores and attitudes to SATs seen in year 2!

Have a lovely weekend all, enjoy this picture of our year fives who were excited to be going to the cinema today!

Miss Richardson

excited year 5

IMG_20150605_154435 IMG_20150605_154447