School council met today and we discussed all of our achievements this year:
The new playground in KS2,
Peer buddies being set up,
The art room and parent chill out zone, Sorting out the safety of the football goals…the list goes on (they are a proactive bunch!)

We also discussed what they had all spent their £25 on that Frogs donated last term.

Here are the results:

Year 6: Prom!

Year 5: An end of term popcorn treat.

Year 4: wet toys/ games.

Year 3: Art materials and lego

Year 2: Put it together and spent it on Frisbees and wet play equipment.

Year 1: Skipping hoops, pencils, pens, colouring books, hula hoops and footballs.

Reception: puzzles

And here they are saying thank you for the cash!


Just letting you all know so that next time we have a cake sale and you wonder where the money goes-thank you to all our frogs and those who donated and bought the yummy cakes, smiles all round!

Miss Richardson