Have your say day and Shaun the sheep!

After the election yesterday, where hopefully lots of you had your say, today is have your say day at Greenfield. We want to know what you think, what you like, what could be better, and what you’d change if you were me.

You will receive parent newsletter tonight, and the children will also be doing their own questionnaire in classes – to say what they want to see more of and less of. I did an assembly this morning and they had some great ideas for improving learning. The suggested topics on flowers, sweets, sports, football, new places and keeping safe online, I look forward to reading them all once they are completed. They also said they’d like you all to come in more and see their work – which is a great idea! Any ideas you have for how we organise this please let me know by talking to me or writing it on your survey.

I also unveiled our new Shaun – and he is blank, which was a surprise! The children would like to have a design competition for him, so look out for the entry sheet this evening in book bags.


Finally, huge well wishes and GOOD LUCK to our amazing year six next week during SATs, we will all be supporting them and making sure they are OK at this stressful time. They’ve worked really hard and so we are sure they will reap the rewards of their efforts. Have a restful weekend and eat lots of good food to fuel those brains!

Happy weekend,

Miss Richardson